The Royal Court Theatre

The Royal Court Theatre

The most important theater in London” – thus this theater was called in “New York Times”. It is non-commercial venue. It means that the main task of the creative activity of the staff in this theater is not making money, but producing plays, concerts and other events of the highest quality. The repertoire of the theater is mostly classical. They deal with classical dramas, Shakespeare’s comedies and other plays, written by world known playwrights. They are supposed for dedicated theater goes, who are not going just to entertain, but are ready to feel and to think.

The Royal Court Theatre History The Royal Court Theatre

The history of this theater can be divided into three parts. The first part belongs to the second half of the 19th century.  The Royal Court Theatre was founded in 1870. It was called The New Chelsea Theatre then and soon it became popular due to the talented work of its director. It was ruled by talented English actress Marie Litton. She was perfect as a play director and with her support and creative energy some really interesting and difficult plays were staged in the theater. She staged such plays as “Randall’s Thumb” of Gilbert, “The Wedding March”, “The Happy Land” and many others.

The first period in the history of Royal Court Theater was successful and productive, but later it lost its popularity and was closed in 1887.

The second period in the history of this theater started in 1888, when it was restored. It was reopened in September and was called the New Court Theatre then. The theater was managed by various popular actors of that time era, like Mrs. John Wood or Sydney Grundy. The plays of Bernard Show and other famous English authors were staged there. The venue became fashionable and many noble Englishmen visited it from time to time. Unfortunately the theater was bombed during World War II and thus the second period of its existence was over. The Royal Court Theatre

The third period in the history of the Royal Court Theater started in 1952 and it lasts till now. The building of the theater was not just rebuilt, it was improved. The theater got the name of Royal Court Theater. George Divine was appointed as its first artistic director. The former teacher, he became one of the most popular actors in Great Britain. He took part in some TV films and acted in the performances too. Besides he became a talented theater manager and due to his skillful work the theater started to flourish again.

The repertoire of the theater was very interesting and many people came several times a week to watch the performances here. The staff in the theater was good, but the building was not comfortable at all. The performers and the visitors suffered from poor conditions of the theater and in 1990 it was almost closed. Nevertheless in 1995 the theater was granted. £16.2 million were spent for rebuilding of the theater. Now the visitors can enjoy the facilities there. The Royal Court Theatre

The Royal Court Theatre Plays

As the theater is non commercial, the plays here are serious and complicated. The administration of the theater is not going to earn money, creating absent minded performances with simple plot and plenty of loud music.

From the very beginning the plays of the most well known playwrights were staged here. The visitors enjoyed plays of Gilbert, Shakespeare, Bernard Show and other cult writers. So, what can visitors see in the Royal Court Theater during the current season? The Royal Court Theatre Plaques and Tangles

It is possible to see Nicola Wilson’s play “Plaques and Tangles”. The spectators will be able to feel with the main heroine, who seems to suffer from Alzheimer’s. She gets aware just before her wedding that she may have the gene of this disease. She hesitates, whether she wants to know exactly, if she is ill, or to pretend that nothing happened. The other play that is worth watching is “RoosevElvis” It tells us about possible meeting of the spirits of Elvis Presley and Theodor Roosevelt and their communication.

The Royal Court Theatre RoosevElvis

RoosevElvis at The Royal Court Theatre

There are other events, held in the theater that are worth visiting. Thus you can get a ticket to “Live Lunch” and have a cup of coffee with the playwrights of the theater. They will cover some secrets of their work.

The repertoire of the theater is not just entertaining. It is intellectual and thoughtful. For sure, after the show you will think a lot, trying to understand the main heroes. So, if you have some free evening – come here. Your soul needs some emotions, you see!

The Royal Court Theatre Opening Hours The Royal Court Theatre

The administration of the theater tries to be modern and offers its guests as many facilities as they can. Thus, if you plan to visit this theater, you can book a ticket online or over the phone. But if you want to take a walk and get the ticket personally, the box office working hours are from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 till 18:00.

The prices for tickets are different – it depends on the event you are going to visit. An average price of the ticket here is £20. The children under 14 can have discounts. The group visits are also welcomed and in this case lower prices for tickets are guaranteed too.

Some performances have age mark, if they are considered as for adults, so children are prohibited to attend them. In all the other cases children are dear guests in the theater.

How to Get to the Royal Court Theatre The Royal Court Theatre map

The Royal Court Theatre address: London SW1W 8AS, United Kingdom It is not hard to get to the building of the Royal Court Theater. It is located near Sloane Square Station. It is possible to get here by underground or by train. If you plan to ride a car, there are several car parks available nearby. There are several bus routes that come directly to the building of the theater. They are 4, 172, 344 and many others. For the lovers of cycling, some public tracks are available. It is possible to get here by bike and leave it at the parking place nearby.

The Royal Court Theatre Shops and Restaurants

It is impossible to visit the play and not to have dinner, especially if it is the long one. The bar that is situated just in the building of the theater is called Royal Court Bar. The place is extremely cozy, the ambience is great here and that’s why many people come to the bar even if they are not the ticket holders of the theater. The menu is massive, the cuisine is very tasty and the list of drinks is wide enough. The Royal Court Theatre bar There’s also a book shop just in the building of the theater. If the other theaters sell programs, in this theater the texts of plays are sold. Instead of a standard program the visitors can get the text of the play. They will also find the information about the actors there – their names, awards and biography. After the performance the prices for these texts are reduced. They are sold at the bookshop just for £3 per book.

The Royal Court Theatre Contacts

If you have read this article and still has some questions, you can contact the theater directly over the phone – 44 207 565 5000. For general questions you have an email address –