The Freud Museum

The Freud Museum,London

The Freud Museum History

Not long ago the Freud Museum in London was visited only by those, who studied psychoanalysis, but now the administration of the museum tries to attract wider audience here.

The museum is located in Hampstead, the district in the north of London. It is situated in three-storey mansion, made of red bricks, that is typical for this area.

You can notice two fascias in front of the house. They tell that two founders of psychoanalysis used to live here – Sigmund Freud and his daughter, Anna Freud. Anna was interested in children’s psychotherapy first of all. She used to live in this house during 44 years and it was she, who insisted to create Freud’s museum here to honor her great father.

Sigmund Freud and Anna Freud

Sigmund Freud and Anna Freud

The famous Austrian psychiatrist, who has been already seriously ill by that moment, moved in London from Nazi-occupied Vienna in 1938. He dreamed to die in a free country – that was the reason of his moving to Great Britain.

The great founder of the theory of psychoanalysis spent only one year in London. But he has died in this house and left it to his famous daughter.
The Freud Museum

Nowadays thousands of people visit this place every day. Some of them are the citizens of Great Britain, the others are foreigners. The workers of the museum say, there are many people from China and South Africa among the regulars of the museum. It is explained by the fact, that the Freud’s method becomes more and more popular from year to year.  But even for those, who are not fond of psychotherapy, the visit to the museum may be interesting, because Sigmund Freud was the avid collector. His collection of statuettes is wide and miscellaneous. And his library can impress the most sophisticated connoisseur of books.

The Freud Museum Exhibitions
Sigmund Freud

Permanent and contemporary exhibitions in the Freud Museum are interesting and attractive to visitors of different ages.

As for permanent exhibition, the house of the Master, his way of life and collections of precious things are in the center of attention.

Just in the lobby of the house, the visitors can see a wardrobe with a large glass window, where Freud’s coat, made of green gabardine, is hanging. Near it the attentive guest can notice his pince-nez on the shelf and the engagement ring with the name of Freud’s wife.

There are a lot of rooms and staircases in the house, so it is possible to spend the whole day there, studying the lifestyle of a famous person. But the lovers of Freud’s method don’t waste the time and come directly to his study. It is the way to understand the subconscious mind of the scientist himself!
The Freud Museum

It is not known, if his collection of figurines that stands on his desk has some deep meaning, that reflects fears of Sigmund and his children’s problems, but in any case it looks gorgeous and can impress everyone, who likes beautiful and luxurious things! Freud had a special feeling towards his statuettes, that’s why he put most of them just in front of him, on his table, where he spent so many hours! The collection is miscellaneous, you can see the figures of Greek gods here, that are added by various figures of animals. It shows, that Freud was not interested to collect the figurines, he just bought, what he had liked and that’s why every item in this collection has a special meaning to him.

The Freud Museum

Just in front of the table you can see the famous couch, which has become a sort of symbol of pop culture. Just remember, how many times you have seen this coach in the movies, when the main hero lied there and was talking to his psychoanalyst for hours.

Freud seemed to rent his coach from the tent of some rich king. It is covered with extremely soft carpet and the pillows look so luxurious!
Couch in Freud Museum

Unfortunately, only one room in the big house is devoted to Anna Freud, Sigmund’s talented daughter. But the administration of the museum plans to widen the exposition, connected with her life and work.

As for temporary exhibitions, the workers of Freud Museum are ready to cooperate with psychoanalysts all over the world and invite them to arrange their temporary exhibitions here. Nowadays and till the end of October, 2015 the guests can admire “The Unconscious Revisited” here. This exhibition is devoted to the anniversary of Freud’s popular method emergence.

The big garden, that surrounds the house and covers it like a veil, is also the kind of exposition here. Freud liked to watch almond trees and breathe their smell through the large window in his house. Nowadays the garden maybe rented to spend some special event here.

The Freud Museum Opening Hours
The Freud Museum

It is possible to speak for hours about the beauty and comfort of Freud’s house and his garden. But it is much better to see it and to spend some hours under its roof by yourself. So come here from Wednesday till Sunday (Monday and Tuesday are days off here) from 12:00 till 17:00.

The admission is not expensive here. Anyway, it is much cheaper for children. Thus, the adults will pay £7.00 for their visit and senior citizens can become the guests of the museum only for £5.00. Children under 12 can come here for free!

How to Get to the Freud Museum
The Freud Museum, map

The address of the museum is 20 Maresfield Gardens, London NW3 5SX. It is possible to get here by bus, by underground or by car.

If you are the foreigner, there are many hotels around museum, so it is possible to stay in one of them and come here on foot.

If you come by bus, choose the numbers, which stop at Finchley Road bus stop (they are 13, 82, 113, 187).

If you choose underground as the way to get here, you should take Jubilee Line or Metropolitan Line and get off at Finchley Road station.

For travelers by car, just in front of the garden, that surrounds the building of the museum, there’s a cheap car park.

The Freud Museum Shop and Restaurants

Camden Arts Centre

Camden Arts Centre Café

The guests of the museum spend so many hours here, so very often they like to visit a cafe or restaurant. There’s no refreshment room in the building of the museum, but there are many comfortable refreshments around it. Choose Camden Arts Centre Café, The Garden Café, Oriental Star Restaurant etc.

It is impossible to come to the museum and not to get some souvenirs from here. There’s the shop that is situated just on the territory of the museum. It is possible to get here souvenirs of different kinds, starting from the home ware with portraits of a legendary scientist and his daughter and ending with his books and photographs.

The Freud’s London Museum is the place of interest for Londoners and foreigners, for connoisseurs of Psychology and for those, who love luxurious collections of pieces of art. It is for everyone, who likes to visit new places and learn something new all the time. The place is worth visiting!

Telephone: +44 20 7435 2002