The Churchill Theatre Bromley

The Churchill Theatre Bromley

The Churchill Theatre Bromley is one of the best theatres in the area. It is the main attraction in Bromley. People come here to relax, to have fun and to spend some time with their family. The theatre is surrounded by bars and restaurants, that’s why it is possible to combine the visit to the theatre with a Sunday dinner in the restaurant that is situated nearby. What do we know about the Churchill Theatre Bromley?

The Churchill Theatre Bromley History

This theatre is now more than 38 years old. Like a real man in his mature age, the theatre looks attractive and solid, offering its visitors great plays and pantomimes. It was opened on a warm summer evening in 1977. HRH Prince of Wales came here himself to present the new theater to the citizens of London and the guests of this ancient city. The Churchill Theatre Bromley The building of the theatre was constructed by London Borough of Bromley. It looks like many other European opera houses. If you come to 785-seater theatre, you will see the stage just in front of you. Behind the stage you can notice sub-stage workshops. The seats are arranged in the style of ordinary amphitheater, when the lower level of seats looks smaller than the higher one. The Churchill Theatre is situated on the side of a hill. It faces Church House Gardens and Library Gardens. Now this theater is a part of Ambassador Theater Group, but from March, 2016 it will be joined to HG Theaters and Hospitality. The Churchill Theatre Bromley

The Churchill Theatre Bromley Plays

The theater offers various shows and plays to its guests. Every season the new plays and pantomimes appear in the repertoire of the theatre. Some classical famous plays are showed to the audience just to remind the greatest theater works, prepared by Churchill Theater. The theater troupe sometimes visits the other cities with their performances. The building of the theater is ready to accept guest troupes from the other opera houses too. The most famous play, performed at the Churchill Theatre Bromley is called “Peter Pan” (starring Paul Michael Glazer). Of course, there are other plays the theater can boast with. Thus they offered a number of pantomimes that were on during 7 weeks and more including “The Sleeping Beauty”.

The Churchill Theatre Bromley The History Boys

The History Boys at The Churchill Theatre Bromley

The other play that used to be a great success with a public was called “History Boys”.  Being based on the book of Alan Bannent, the story about the adolescent of several schoolboys was set in more than 30 theaters in England. Their own version of the play was also offered by the Churchill Theater Bromley. The theater troupe consists of talented actors. That is the reason of success of its plays. During the years of its activity such stars as Joan Collins, David Essex, Art Malik, Rula Lenska and many others had an opportunity to act on the stage of the theater. Among the plays that are on the stage of the theater just now it is worth to visit “Gisele”, “Dreamboats and Miniskirts”, “A Lesson from Auschwitz”, “The Full Monty” and many others. The repertoire of the theater is so various! The Churchill Theatre Bromley Dreamboats and Miniskirts Thus it is possible to watch kids’ plays here, comedies, musicals, ballet shows, concerts and even radio plays. Everyone can find the play to his taste. The administration of the theater provides educational work for children. Children are welcomed here to learn the history of the theater, the main principals of its work and the biography of actors, who act here. The building of the theater is comfortable enough and it can be rented for various conferences and meetings. The wheelchair access is affordable here, so people with disabilities are welcomed too! The Churchill Theatre Bromley

The Churchill Theatre Bromley Opening Hours

The theater building is opened from 9:30 to 17:30 daily, except Saturday and Sunday. As for the time of the concert or performance you plan to visit, it is changeable, so you should learn the time of the show you are going to visit separately. As for the prices for tickets, they are also changeable and depend on the show you choose. Thus, the full price for “Whitney – Queen of the Night” starts from £25.00. Some performances are a little cheaper; the price for others is a little higher. If you are going to visit the theater in a company of 10 or more, you can book the group ticket and get a discount. It is not hard to get to the building of the theater.

How to Get to the Churchill Theatre Bromley The Churchill Theatre Bromley

The address of the theater is High St, Bromley, Kent BR1 1HA, United Kingdom. It is not a problem to get there, using public kind of transport of individual transport. If you plan to get here on tube, you can get off at one of these stations – Bromley South Railway Station (6 minutes to come to the building of the theater), Bromley North Railway Station (6 minutes) or Shortlands Railway Station (11 minutes). The choice of the station depends on the direction you come from. It is also possible to use bus to come here, various bus routes will take you to the building of the theater. If you have a car, you can also use it to get here. Parking is available in the Hill Car Park on Beckenham Lane (5 minutes from the theatre). The Churchill Theatre Bromley

The Churchill Theatre Bromley Shop and Restaurants

When we plan the visit to theater, very often we want to combine it with great dinner or shopping. Unfortunately, there’s no shop or restaurant in the building of the theater. But there are many marvelous small cafes and pubs around the restaurant. La Pasta Some souvenir shops are also affordable here. Thus the guests of the theater are recommended to have dinner at “Ed’s”, “Ferrari’s”, “La Pasta” or “Dizzy’s Dinner”. In the first restaurant you can enjoy great steaks. Lovers of Italian cuisine are welcomed to the second restaurant and to the third one the lovers of American burgers are invited. As for shops, you can get souvenir brochure just in the hall of the theater or visit one of local souvenir shops. There are lots of them situated nearby!

The Churchill Theatre Bromley Contacts

Phone Number: +44 844 871 7620; 0208 464 7131 E-mail: