The British Museum

The British museum entranceMankind has always sought to know its past. One way this knowledge is now the cultural tourism associated with museums. Great interest in this regard is the British Museum.
This museum is divided into thirteen sections:  seven artistic and archaeological department, collection of coins, three of the library, assembly department of drawings and prints and the research department of restoration.

In the main lobby of the museum audience is greeted with two huge sculptures – Statue of II-III centuries from Amaravati Buddhist temple in South India and the Chinese Buddha statue of VI century.
Great interest among visitors are artistic and archaeological departments, in particular the monuments of the East.  The British Museum Lobby

A Department of Oriental monument occupies both floors of the gallery Edward VII. It is extensive. In chronological order, the works of the Arab countries, Turkey, Tibet, Nepal, Iran, India, Southeast Asia and the Far East.
Middle Eastern art is represented by ceramics, carved and enameled glass, carved bone, engraving and metal chasing, gun VIII-XIX centuries.


The British Museum Egypt PharaohThe British Museum has an extensive archaeological collection, the world’s best collections of monuments of East, a collection of Egyptian sculpture, remarkable monuments of art in India and China, outstanding works of ancient art. In particular, the Department of Antiquities of Western Asia has a large collection – more than 150 thousand – clay tablets with cuneiform texts, which makes this museum is the greatest center of research cuneiform.

Currently, the museum’s exhibits are constantly updated with new specimens. Acquiring new sites by adding them to their collections, the museum lives, for a museum that does not get a new – it’s a dead museum.


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