Tate Modern, London

London Tate Modern building view

History of Tate Modern

Tate Modern gallery is not only one of the biggest and most interesting museums of contemporary art but also the museum which contains the most valuable works of pictorial art. This gallery was founded relatively recently. Until more recent times it belonged to Tate Gallery in London. In 2000 Tate Gallery was divided on two expositions: classical works were left in Tate Britain and the works of contemporary pictorial art relocated on the opponent bank of the Thames, in the old building of the former power station.

London Tate Modern Turbine hall

Architecturally the building is very interesting. Being in London and walking among its masterpieces it is difficult not to gain sight of massive brick building with the big tube, the length of which is 100 meters. The roof is made from glass. The new life of the former power station started in 1990 when the question appeared concerning the place where to keep the huge collection of British and foreign art. It was impossible to represent all collection in the building at Millbank. The government decided to choose from the huge collection of masterpieces only those that belong to the 20th century and on their basis to create the museum of contemporary art. So, in such a way Tate Modern Art Gallery was established.

Tate Modern exhibitions

During the reconstruction of this building the architects managed to keep the original architecture of the power station and naturally to add to the building the beauty of modern art. The Turbine hall simply impresses by its immensity. A hall with the height 35 meters and length 152 m became the place for exhibiting pictures of multimeter size. Hardly there is a museum in the world which can boast by exhibition hall of such a size.

London Tate Modern exhibition spider

The gallery frequently uses this hall for various exhibitions. Every year, the works of such renowned artists as Miroslaw Balka, Olafur Eliasson, Louise Bourgeois, Bruce Nauman and many others were exhibited here. The exhibition in the Turbine hall is always unpredictable: a huge sculpture, a slide in the form of spiral or artificial sun can be the main objects of exhibition. On the right part of the building there are show rooms and housekeeping area. The third and the fifth floors serve for permanent exhibition. The fourth floor is for temporary exhibition and on the other place of the museum archives, lecture rooms, scientific centre and cinema hall are located.

London Tate Modern Damien Hirst cow exhibition

Tate Modern exhibitions contain more than 70 thousand of masterpieces of many countries. Everyone who visits it has a great opportunity to get to know better the pictures of Claude Monet, Barnett Newman, Henri Matisse, Kasimir Malevich, Mario Merz and many others. The pictures are not arranged in the chronological order in this gallery. They are arranged thematically. The exhibitions are always unsuspected but logical and give the ability to see the world view of various modern artists (cubism, surrealism, minimalism and so on). Besides pictures the visitors may find here various sculptures.

Tate Modern map

Tate Modern floor map

London Tate Modern floor map



Tate Modern Level 4 Collection displays

London Tate Modern floor map level 4 collection displays

Tate Modern Level 3 Exhibitions

London Tate Modern floor map level 3 exhibitions


Tate Modern Level 2 Collection displays

London Tate Modern floor map level 2 collection displays


Tate Modern Level 1 and Level 0


London Tate Modern floor map level 1 and level 0

Tate Modern opening hours, postcode

Tate Modern opening hours vary depending on the day. From Sunday to Thursday the gallery welcomes visitors from 10.00 am to 18.00 pm. On Fridays and Saturdays the gallery works from 10.00 to 22.00. Tate Modern postcode is SE1 9TG.

Admission to Tate Modern is free, except for special exhibitions.

How to get to Tate Modern


London SE1 9TG
United Kingdom

Tate Modern can easily be reached by tube, bus or train.

The nearest tube stations are:

  • Blackfriars
  • Southwark
  •  St Pauls

Also you may use the following bus routes:

  • Routes 45, 63 and 100 stop on Blackfriars Bridge Road
  • Routes RV1 and 381 stop on Southwark Street
  • Route 344 stops on Southwark Bridge Road

The nearest train stations are:

  • Blackfriars
  • London Bridge

Tate Modern shop and restaurant

Very good advantage of this gallery is that you may come here together with friends or family, order free excursions and visit Tate Modern restaurant, which can boast by the best views from the window in the city. It is housed on the sixth floor and proposes a good choice of seasonal dishes and good wine list.

London Tate Modern restaurant view

Friendly atmosphere and delicious bites are at your disposal in the café of the gallery, which is located on the first floor. After interesting and cognitive excursion this is the ideal place for tea and break.

Tate Modern shop offers an ample quantity of various books, interesting for adults and children as well. Also there is a great number of handmade jewelry and souvenirs. The gallery has several shops. The main one is located on the level 0, the River shop – at the North entrance, Print shop – on the level 2 (prints of artworks of famous artist are presented for sale here) and exhibition shop – on the level 3.

London Tate Modern Bookshop

Contact Tate Modern

Email: visiting.modern@tate.org.uk

Phone: +44 20 7887 8888

Website: http://www.tate.org.uk/visit/tate-modern/