Souvenirs from Great Britain. What to bring?

Great Britain Souvenirs   Great Britain is one of the most popular countries and every tourist wants to buy a souvenir. Statuettes of policemen, models of Big Ben, postboxes, double-deckers are sold at Piccadilly Street. Covent Garden and Oxford Circus are popular tourist sites, where you can buy stylish clothes and signboards with known inscriptions: ‘No smoking’, ‘Way out’, ‘Ladies only’.

              Statuettes of British policemen        double-decker bus model

In Windsor tourists always buy postcards, paintings, crockery and trinkets with images of The Royal Family.

                                                      Postcards with British Royal family
From London as a gift are often brought porcelain, glass, books and pipes a-la Sherlock Holmes; for women it can be leather goods, bracelets and watches. For boss you can buy an English tea.

                                                  sherlock holmes pipe

     There are also a lot of shops with children’s products: books, crockery, toys depicting Disney characters and plenty of wooden DIY, marionettes, toy soldiers.
Mugs, calendars, mouse pads with reproductions of old masters, sculptures, ornaments in the style of the ancient Egyptians and Vikings are sold in stores that are operating at London museums.
In the homeland of football team Manchester United in Manchester, you can buy football symbols, clothing and autographs.
In Scotland you can also buy Scottish source of pride: blankets, bagpipes, kilts and Glenfiddich – single-malt whiskey.