Royal Albert Hall

Royal Albert Hall London Royal Albert Hall Royal Albert Hall is one of the greatest buildings in London. It is huge, massive, and extremely beautiful. More than 5000 people can watch the performance at Royal Albert Hall simultaneously as its capacity is really impressive. Royal Albert Hall has long and noble history.

Royal Albert Hall History

As you can guess from its name, Royal Albert Theater was named after Prince Albert. In 1851 Prince Albert organized a great exhibition in Hyde Park. It was so successful that Prince was enthusiastic enough to open the hall nearby to support exhibition. The hall was supposed for important meetings and great events.Prince Albert Royal Albert Hall Unfortunately, Prince died too early and that’s why his plan wasn’t realized. But his enthusiasm was supported by his widow Queen Victoria. She decided to fulfill the dream of her husband and started the building of the hall. She invited famous architects to do this difficult but very important job. Civil engineers Francis Fowke and Henry Y.D. Scott designed the building of the hall and soon the citizens of London could admire the huge new theater. Royal Albert Hall London

Royal Albert Hall Events

In fact, the repertoire of the theater is really vast. Different kinds of plays, comedies and dramas are staged there. World famous stars come with concerts here. The huge building of the Hall is hired for various business meetings and conferences, famous rich people arrange their parties here. Tourists in London always include this venue in the list of places of interest they plan to visit. Just the building itself, its beauty and respectability are worth watching. Of course, interesting performances are worth watching too. Royal Albert Hall London proms Every summer famous proms are held here. Proms are summer evenings that are devoted to classical music. The orchestra plays world known extremely beautiful music that was composed by famous talented composers. These evenings are visited by Londoners and tourists that come from various parts of our planet. What events can be visited at Royal Albert Hall just now? If you have a child to 4 years old, you can take him for “Storytelling and Music Sessions”. It is held in the hall from March, 2015 and will last till November, 2015. For lovers of ballroom dancing International Ballroom Dancing Championships are arranged here. Storytelling and Music Sessions at the Royal Albert Hall It is interesting to visit this beautiful dancing event for everyone, starting from small children and finishing with people of senior age. Even if you can’t dance at all, you can come here and enjoy the atmosphere of love and beauty here. Especially interesting and useful to visit ballroom dancing championship will be for those, who dance as well.

“Jennifer Pike And Friends”

“Jennifer Pike and Friends”, “Alternative Hair Show”, “Classical Coffee Morning”… The list of interesting events can be continued for hours. Really, many interesting shows are held at Royal Albert Hall. Jennifer Pike Royal Albert Hall You can come here any day, any time of the year and find the show that will suit your taste and interests. So, when it is possible to visit Royal Albert Hall and how to get there? Royal Albert Hall Opening Hours Royal Albert Hall is opened from morning till night. It is hard to define some opening here as there are various events held under its roof. Some of them start early in the morning and the others are held late at night. So you should just learn in advance, when exactly the event you are going to visit is held. The price for shows is also different. There are very expensive shows and cheap ones – check separately for each case.

How to Get to Royal Albert Hall Royal Albert Hall London map

The address of Royal Albert Hall is Kensington Gore, London SW7 2AP, United Kingdom It is very easy to get there as the hall is very accessible. If you come by car or by taxi, get out at Door 1, which is by the building’s south entrance. It is the most comfortable way to stop. You can also come by underground – South Kensington and High Street Kensington are the closest underground stations. It is possible to come by train – in this case get out at Victoria Railway Station. Different numbers of bus routes come here too. If you prefer going on foot or cycling – you are welcome, it is not hard to get there in this way too. Royal Albert Hall London

Royal Albert Hall Shops and Restaurants

There are more than 13 bars and restaurants situated under the roof of Royal Albert Hall. You can visit any of them to spend an evening in the company of best friends or to arrange some romantic event with your spouse. If you plan some party, like birthday party or wedding party, it is possible to arrange it at one of the restaurants of Royal Albert Hall. The lovers of Italian cuisine can visit the restaurant “Verdi”. It is so beautiful, looks really luxurious and the chefs cook great here!

Verdi, Royal Albert Hall, London

Verdi, Royal Albert Hall

 If you want to have a drink just several hours before concert, visit “Café Bar” – you will like the selection of drinks and catering here. “Ground Floor Bar” is also worth your attention. If you are not fond of food, but like go shopping, spend some time before the concert or meeting at “Gift Shop”. There are many interesting souvenirs here! You will for sure find something for yourself and for your friends or relatives! Royal Albert Hall Gift Shop

Royal Albert Hall Contacts

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