RAF Northolt Airport (NHT)

raf northolt airport london private jets  Except the most popular British airports there is one more airport, which is not so huge and busy but is of state importance. It is called RAF Northolt and it is considered to be a Royal Air Force station. It is located close to London, just in 10 km. This airport operates only one runway and is not as big as the other ones. It is a perfect airport for those for whom safety, security, comfort are the most important criteria. RAF is an airport which usually serves for VIP passengers, the Head of the State, Government Ministers, Foreign Royalty and the other celebrities usually are handled in this airport. RAF is deemed to be a place which perfectly fits to corporate flights. If you are a celebrity or just have enough money to pay you may hire business jets and travel like a queen. An ideal combination of contemporary facilities and the high standards of this airport make it the best solution for private and VIP departures.

   This airport has a long history and plays a great role for the United Kingdom. It was founded in 1915. Because of the close location to the centre of the country this airport plays a great role in defence of the UK. It became a place of dislocation for 32 Royal Squadron, Queen’s Colour Squadron and Central Band of the RAF. Great Britain is a really great country, with its various historical events where RAF Northolt is a real strategic object which shows the history of aviation. The military elements of RAF Northolt assured the security of the Olympic Games in 2012. When Heathrow was on the process of building, the commercial civil flights were served in RAF Northolt.

                         raf northolt airport london olympic games

   The place where RAF Northholt is situated is a profitable advantage among its opponents. From RAF Northolt the passengers may get to central London only by one hour ride. The main reason of such an advantage is that it is situated on the Central Line Underground and on A40. If you prefer a car it may take you 36 minutes to get to West End, much depends upon the traffic of the road. Otherwise there is a possibility of using the services of various companies that may organize your transfer to and from the airport. If you have a necessity you may rent a car and get to and from the airport with comfort. Every passenger, which departs from the airport, must be registered at the Check Point.

                              raf northolt airport from central london by car

    All the staff in the airport is professional and high-qualified. Sure, they meet celebrities every day and it’s a great experience! They try to make everything for the passengers to feel as comfortable as possible and try to provide the kinglike rest for everyone.

                                   Prince of Wales lands at RAF Northolt airport

   Among the facilities the airport provides are child care, health and welfare, messes and social activities. Speaking about the child care it is necessary to mention that the airport offers the staff which cares about the smallest babies from 3 months to 5 years. For this purposes there are three rooms, and each room offers the opportunity to enter a garden. It gives the children the ability to play outdoors because while playing the waiting for the flight is not so exhausting. The staff of the nursery has a huge experience, so the passengers should not worry about their children. They organize different interesting activities, including a dance club and a computer centre. The dishes served for the children are prepared from only fresh ingredients and very delicious.

   Speaking about the social activities the airport provides, we may mention such activities as a sport club, a gym, The Sword and Wheel Club and others. On the territory of the airport there is a coffee shop where the passengers have an excellent opportunity to taste the extraordinary types of coffee.

    In conclusion we may say that RAF Northolt is a great historical, technical and flying air centre of The United Kingdom.


West End Road, Ruislip, London, Middlesex HA4 6NG, United Kingdom

Phone number

+44 20 8845 2300