Prince Edward Theatre

Prince Edward Theatre

It is very easy to become an actor in London – as there are plenty of theaters there. One more theater, that is worth your attention and your visit is Prince Edward Theatre.

Prince Edward Theatre History

This theater was opened in 1930. It was situated at famous Old Compton Street. Nowadays this street is the center of London’s Gay Community and then, in the first half of the 20th century, it was just a small narrow street with various warehouses.
Prince Edward Theatre

The theater was designed by a talented architect Edward Stone. It looked modern and luxurious as for the beginning of the former century and got a royal title – it was named after Edward, who was the Prince of Wales then. Prince Edward Theatre started its creative activity vividly, but the repertoire was quite simple nevertheless. The theater became popular due to lots musicals and comedies. Some stars of that time era acted on its stage.

One day even beautiful Josephine Baker came with her “Banana Dance” to Prince Edward Theatre. Josephine Baker was a famous dancer and actress. She sang well too and spoke two languages – French and English – fluently. She was the first brown-skinned woman, who worked on TV and even took part in some movies. Josephine Baker was liked with the audience, when she presented her show at Prince Edward Theatre.

Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker

In 1935 the theater was renamed. From that year it became “London Casino” and great dancers performed in front of rich London gamers. The casino was popular and prosperous, but it was completely ruined during the World War II.
Prince Edward Theatre After the war the venue was renewed. The huge screen was fixed there. Thus the casino was turned into the cinema.

In 1974 the new impresario was appointed at the cinema. It was legendary Bernard Delfont. The man looked like a real Englishman; nevertheless he was born in Russia. Later his parents moved to London, where Bernard Delfont started his theatrical activity. At first the man served as a dancer, then he became an agent and finally he was appointed as impresario. The first thing that Mr. Delfont did at the cinema was its reconstruction. He changed the old cinema screen into the new own, made major overhaul in the building and returned the theater its first name – Prince Edward Theatre.

At the beginning of the 90s in the 20th century the theater was closed for reconstruction again. It was reopened in March, 1993. Since then many famous performances and shows were acted on its stage.

Prince Edward Theatre Plays
Prince Edward Theatre - Crazy for You

The theater has a long history, so no wonder, that many cult performances were staged under its roof. In 1993 it was reopened with the musical “Crazy for You” – a sweet love story, created by Ira and George Gershwin.
Prince Edward Theatre - Mamma Mia

In 1999 another great musical was staged here. It was called “Mamma Mia” and was devoted to the activity of cult music band ABBA. It was on during long five years – that is the best proof that the musical was worth watching.

“Mary Poppins”, “Jersey Boys” and many other plays were performed on the stage of this theater. The troupe of the theater is professional and strong. They act at the stage of their theater and go with their performances to other cities and countries too. Thus they acted on the stages of popular theaters in Germany and Australia.

Prince Edward Theatre - Mary Poppins

Prince Edward Theatre – Mary Poppins

Nowadays many popular plays are staged at the theater too. If you come to the theater this autumn, you will be able to see “Miss Saigon”.

If you are a theater lover, for sure, you will appreciate this play. It is a special gift to the audience from the producers of “Les Miserables”. It is a heart breaking story about the Vietnamese girl, called Kim, who fell in love with an American soldier. The spectators are able to enjoy the beauty of strong human feelings that were so pure in spite of horrors of war.

Miss Saigon - Prince Edward Theatre

Miss Saigon – Prince Edward Theatre

The play was awarded by critics numerous times. In 2015 it was called “The Best Show”. It will be on at the theater till spring, 2016. So don’t miss an opportunity to watch it!

Prince Edward Theatre Opening Hours
Prince Edward Theatre

If you plan to pay a visit to Prince Edward Theatre, check its opening hours in advance.

The box office is opened from Monday to Saturday. The box office is available from 10:00  till 19:45. They have a day off on Sunday.

The tickets can also be booked online or via phone with some fee for reservation. It is hard to define a certain price for tickets at Prince Edward Theatre.

The price depends on the show you are going to attend and the time you are going to choose. Shows at weekend cost usually more.

Thus prices for tickets for “Miss Saigon” start from £27.50. The average price for this show is about £40.

The musical is quite long; it lasts 2 hours and 50 minutes, including the interval, that’s why the pieces seem so high. For shorter musicals the rates are much lower. There are some discounts for group tickets (the group starts from 10 people).Prince Edward Theatre

How to Get to Prince Edward Theatre

The address of the Prince Edward Theatre is the following: 28 Old Compton St, London W1D 4HS, United Kingdom

It is situated within 300 m from Leicester Square Station. You can get there by tube. These kinds of transport are the most fast and comfortable.

There are bus stops not far from the building of the theater. To come here, use the routes 3, 12, 19, 38, 88, 453 and some others.Prince Edward Theatre map

It is possible to get here by train – one more fast and comfortable way to get to Prince Edward Theatre. If you go by train, don’t miss your stop – Charing Cross Railway Station. It will take you about 15 minutes to get to the building of the theater from here.

The lovers of car trips may use their vehicles to get here. In this case they should care about parking place in advance. You can leave your auto at Q-Park that is situated nearby.

As you see, there are many various ways to get here.

Prince Edward Theatre Shops and Restaurants

There are five bars just in the building of the theater. The wide selection of drinks is available there. It is also possible to have dinner in one of these bars before the play or after it. The service is great here. The ambience is cozy and friendly and visitors are welcomed here even if they are not the owners of Prince Edward Theatre tickets.
Prince Edward Theatre Gift Shop

There’s a small gift shop at Prince Edward Theatre. It is not big, but very stylish and cozy. There the visitors can get some souvenirs, some clothes, postcards and cups.

Prince Edward Theatre Contacts

If you are in mood to contact the theater, phone them
Telephone: +44 (0) 844 482 5151

Email –

It is possible to hire a theater for some special events too, using these contacts.

Have a good time at Prince Edward Theatre!