New Wimbledon Theatre

New Wimbledon Theatre London

New Wimbledon Theater is impressive. Its building is huge and massive, it looks luxurious and respectable. If you come to London, for sure, you have to include the visit to New Wimbledon Theater into your diary. The theater has a long noble history.

New Wimbledon Theatre History
New Wimbledon Theatre London

New Wimbledon Theatre was opened in 1910 and it is active and popular till now. At first it was called “Wimbledon Theater”. On the 26th of December (1910) the citizens of London had an opportunity to visit the pantomime “Jack and Jill of the Hill, the Well and the Clown”. Both, adults and children liked the performance as well as they liked the building of the theater. It was made of bricks and stones, decorated with huge columns and winged figures. The building of New Wimbledon Theatre is the sample of Georgian Renaissance style. It is not typical for Great Britain, so the theater resembles Spanish opera houses rather more, than typical English ones.

The building of the theater looked extremely luxurious in 1910. It was built by the famous wealthy businessman, called J.B. Mulholland. He was fond of theatrical art, that’s why one day he decided to create his own theater. To do this job, he hired talented architects as Cecil Massey and Roy Young.

William Mulholland (1924) New Wimbledon Theatre

William Mulholland (1924) New Wimbledon Theatre

The theater was really huge – about 3,000 spectators could visit the performance simultaneously. Now the capacity of the theater is much lower – it is just about 1,600 people.

The theater had a difficult period in its history. In 1960s it was closed because of some political reasons. In 1991 it was renewed as the New Wimbledon Theater. Now it belongs to Ambassador Theater Group.

New Wimbledon Theatre Plays

Marlene Dietrich on Stage at the Wimbledon Theatre

Marlene Dietrich on Stage at the Wimbledon Theatre

Famous actors had an opportunity to act on the stage of New Wimbledon Theater. Thus one day Marlene Dietrich had a concert here. The other famous person, who was noticed at the stage of this theater, was Tommy Steel.

In 2008 Prince Charles 60th birthday party was arranged here.

Many performances and plays, that were staged here, became popular and successful. Modern plays, shown on the stage of the theater are worth visiting too.
New Wimbledon Theatre Ministry of Science Live

Thus, it is highly recommended to attend “Ministry of Science Live” – it is an interesting original science show.
For lovers of musical shows it is advisable to choose “An Evening of Burlesque”.
New Wimbledon Theatre An Evening of Burlesque

If you are the fan of Steve Martin, you must see “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels” on the stage of New Wimbledon Theater as the plot of this play is based on the comedy, where this actor participated.

The plays and performances, staged at New Wimbledon Theater, belong to various genres. Thus, it is possible to see here comedies and dramas, classical operas and ballets, plays for kids and musicals. The group of the theater sometimes goes on tour and the troupes from other world famous theaters are welcomed here! So, if you have enough free time – don’t hesitate and come here!
New Wimbledon Theatre Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

New Wimbledon Theatre Opening Hours

New Wimbledon Theater is opened daily from Monday to Saturday from 10.00 to 18:00. Sunday is a day off here.New Wimbledon Theatre London

The time of every performance you should learn in advance – every performance is staged at some certain time.

It is hard to tell, what prices for tickets exist there. The price of every show is unique. It depends on various factors, like the length of the show, the actors, who play there and the time, when performance is held. Plays for kids are usually cost less and there are discounts for kids at this theater. Thus, the ticket per child starts from £5 and for adults it starts from £17. But keep in mind, that some plays kids are not allowed to visit, so pay attention to the age mark, if you plan to take you child with you.
New Wimbledon Theatre London

How to Get to New Wimbledon Theatre

Address of New Wimbledon Theatre: The Broadway, Wimbledon, Merton, London, SW19 1QG, England

It is possible to get here by car, by taxi, by bus, by underground of by train. In fact, the building of the theater is easy to access, so it is not a problem to arrive in time here.

If you have a car, you can get here, using a car park nearby, but remember, that on the day, when big show is set, it may be completely occupied.

New Wimbledon Theatre London

To come by taxi is not a bad idea if your hotel is situated not far from the New Wimbledon Theater. If you are far from it, it will cost you a pretty penny.

Underground stations, situated near the theater are South Wimbledon Tube Station, Wimbledon Tube Station and Colliers Wood Tube station. The last one is .located 20 minutes walk from the building of the theater.

Train stations, that are not far from here, are Wimbledon Railway Station, Haydon Road Railway Station, and Wimbledon Chase Railway Station.

As you see, getting to the New Wimbledon Theater is not a problem at all; you have just to care about it in advance not to be late to the beginning of the performance.
New Wimbledon Theatre London

The New Wimbledon Theater Shops and Restaurants

There was a bar, situated just in the building of the theater, but it was closed in 2012. Now, if you want to have dinner just after the play or before it, you can visit one of restaurants situated nearby. Thus, you can pop into “Nandos” or “Pizza Express”. If you plan just to have a drink, visit “Wibbas Down Inn”.

If you want to get some souvenir to remember this visit for long, you can come to “Trinity Hospice Shop” and buy something for yourself or for your natives.
Trinity Hospice Shop

New Wimbledon Theatre Contacts

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the New Wimbledon Theater:

Telephone: +44 20 8545 7900

Box Office: 0844 871 7646