London Savoy Theatre

London Savoy Theatre

London Savoy Theatre History

The theater was opened in 1881 and called “Savoy”. The beautiful name was inherited from the previous building that was situated just at the same place. The opening ceremony was solemn and noisy, but the spectators were not so delighted. The most superstitious of them told the place of theater foundation had a bad reputation. Too many tragedies took place here and the unlucky fate seemed to be guaranteed to the new attraction.

The Savoy Palace, that used to be situated here before, was burnt by rebellious peasants. Later the hospital was built just at that place but the service was so poor here, that it was closed. Then there was a jail here and it was completely ruined in 1864. The building of jail was caught by severe fire that burnt everything in that area and only unsightly wasteland was left.
London Savoy Theatre

That wasteland was bought by Richard D’Oyli. Being the composer and impresario, he was crazy about theater and dreamed about its own one for long. He paid £11,000 and got the burnt empty piece of land to make it rich and prosperous again.

To realize his dream, he hired an architect. He was called C. J. Phillips. The man built “Savoy” fast. The building was very beautiful and innovative. It was the first public building in London that was lit with electricity. Being afraid of fire, that had already destroyed this place once; its founder cared about fireproof construction and material of the highest quality. The theater was created in the style of Italian Renaissance. It was able to accommodate 1292 people.

But in spite of fireproof materials, the building of the theatre was on fire again. In 1990 it was burnt one more time and closed for reconstruction.

The theater was re-opened in July 1993, and the first event, that was held here, used to be a world chess championship.

Later many popular plays were performed in the theatre, new ones and old ones, that have already caught the hearts of spectators.
London Savoy Theatre Legally Blonde

London Savoy Theatre Plays

London Savoy Theatre became so successful just from the first days of its foundation. It was possible due to the works of Gilbert and Sullivan. Their plays were accepted with a great delight. Till now the plays and operettas of these authors are staged in the theater.

Many other great plays were shown in the theatre during the long years of its work. Here are the most successful of them:

1. “She Loves Me”
The play is very old; it was staged at first in the middle of the 20th century. But its plot, for sure, will sound similar for you, if you have watched”You’ve Got E-Mail” with Meg Ryan.

Amalia and George work at the same perfumery shop. But they are too busy to meet eye-to-eye. Both of them feel lonely and once they put the advertisement in the paper in order to find a pen-friend. Thus two heroes write letters to each other and seem to be in love. At the same time, they meet in real life and have no idea, that they write letters to one another.

Interesting plot with a happy end, than remains popular during more than 80 years, is presented in this play that was staged at “Savoy”.London Savoy Theatre

2. The other thing, that made the theater popular, is “Of Mice and Men”. The play is based on the novel of John Steinbeck. The play is tragic, but the author managed to express a great idea through its plot.

Two friends, George and Lennie, come to a local town to find a job. George is clever and very cautious. Lennie is strong, but retarded. They are friends and George all the time tries to protect Lennie, convincing him, that he is strong and can defend himself. Later Lennie kills the wife of their boss (not purposely) and runs away. His best friend had to shoot Lennie in order to make his death easier and not so painful as it could be from the hand of their boss.

The play, staged in “Savoy”, has brought a lot of glory and success to the theatre.
London Savoy Theatre

3. What is possible to see in the theatre just now? Among the most popular performances of the theatre, “Gypsy” occupies the rightful place. Again, the plot of the play is popular and well known. It was staged thousands times before. Many famous actors and actresses acted in this performance.

Gypsy @ The Savoy Theatre: TRAILER

It is a story of Momma Rose and two her daughters. They earn their life, dancing and singing in the street, but at the same time the mother dreams about a star fate for her two daughters. She dreams that one day they will be popular actresses and dancers. But her elder daughter leaves the house and her favorite younger daughter becomes stripteases.

There are many other plays, performed on the stage of London Savoy Theatre. To see some of them, you should pay a visit here!

Let It Be - Savoy Theatre London

Let It Be – Savoy Theatre London

London Savoy Theatre Opening Hours

The theater is opened daily, but the performances are staged every evening, except Tuesday. As usual, the performance here starts at 19:30 on weekdays and at 15:00 and at 19:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

The prices for performances are different. They depend on the play, you are going to watch, and on the seat you are going to occupy. There are about 1200 seats in the theater. The costs for them are from £25 to £75.

So, if you have made up your mind to become the guest of London Savoy Theatre, take the following modes of transport.London Savoy Theatre

How to Get to London Savoy Theatre

Savoy Court, London WC2R 0ET, United Kingdom – it is the address of London Savoy Theatre.

To come here, people use underground, busses and personal kinds of transport like bikes and cars.

The nearest underground stations here are “Embankment”, “Temple” and “Covent Garden”. Choose the subway line that passes through one of these stations.London Savoy Theatre

Buses can also be chosen to come to the building of the theater. Catch the numbers 6, 9, 11, 13, 15, 23, 87, 91, 139, 176.

It is possible to drive by car here and stop at one of the nearest car parks, but public kinds of transport are better to use here as the amount of space at a car park is limited.

It is even possible to get on a boat here and get off at “Savoy Pier”.

London Savoy Theatre Shops and Restaurants

There’s no café in the building of the theatre, but there are some of cozy restaurants around it. They are less than 5 minutes walk from the building of the attraction, so you can easily have dinner there for a reasonable price. “American Bar”, “The Savoy Grill” and some other restaurants are worth visiting.London Savoy Theatre

There are no shops in the building of the theater, but there are pleny of them around it. So if you want to get a souvenir or to buy some food products, there are such shops around the theatre:  “Primrose Bakery” – it is a food shop. “Lush” – there you can get perfume and cosmetics or come for a small gift for yourself to “Benjamin Pollock’s Toy Shop”.

To visit London Savoy Theatre is a good idea how to spend a great day!