London National Gallery

National Gallery London building

  National Gallery in London is such a museum that simply must be seen by every tourist. Even if you don’t have spare time and you are not exactly mad about pictural art nevertheless this gallery will leave well-remembered impression on you. You must explore this gallery for the sole reason that this is one of the most groundbreaking museums in the world.

 National Portrait Gallery, London exhibition  One cannot deny that National Art Gallery in London is one of the largest picture galleries of the capital of Great Britain. Here one can find more than 2000 masterpieces of picture art of West Europe. The masterpieces cover the period from XII till XXth century. Besides, all the pictures are set in the chronological order. The gallery was founded in 1839, but as it was determined by history the date of its foundation is considered to be May, 1824. It happened so because exactly during that period Angerstein ‘s collection of pictures was bought. The collection counted 38 pictures. Through the years the collection was replenishing at the expense of the government and the others that desired to gift their own collections to the museum. Initially the gallery was located on Pall Mall Street but the continuous growth of picture’s quantity needed the extension of space. And in 1838 a new gallery was opened for the visitors on Trafalgar Square. It worth to be mentioned that in 1856 was opened another gallery, which adjoined the National gallery. It was National Portrait Gallery in London. Here the tourists have the possibility to see the collection of portraits of celebrated British people. Another good thing about National Gallery is that the entrance is free (except for special picture shows) and the museum is opened every day from 10:00 till 18:00 and on Fridays till 21:00.

    It is generally agreed today that a wide range of world known masterpieces is hung here. Among them are the works of Velasquez, Van Gogh, Titian and Rubens.  If to compare the collection of National Gallery with the collection of Louvre it may seem that it is not so huge. But one argument in support of this museum is that it contains the masterpieces of all European schools of painters. One fact that distinguishes this gallery from the others is comprehensive collection of Titian’s works.

Natonal Portrait Gallery inside

   Pictures of Rembrandt in National Gallery are also presented. The huge collection of his pictures that fully depict the life of the colossal painter belongs to the museum. Besides the mentioned works the gallery can boast by the works of German, English, French and Flemish artists.

   As in any other museum gallery offers National Gallery shop where one can buy souvenirs on any taste and budget as a keepsake. Frankly speaking there are three of them. In these shops one can buy books, stationary, jewellery and even T-shirts. Also there is a café where one can have a rest and take a nuncheon.

         National Portrait Gallery London book shop

   National Gallery is in an easy access to everyone, because it is located in the heart of London. The nearest tube station is Charing Cross. A little further there are Westminster, Embankment, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square. By tube is deemed to be the best variant because in such a way you will avoid gridlocks. Ample quantities of buses also run here.

   If you are lack of time or you don’t know what you want to see firstly you may use the recommendation of specialists (30 pictures that must be seen in London). The gallery plan costs £1, otherwise use free wi-fi in a gallery and read all the necessary information on-line.

                                                                              Level 0

National Portrait Gallery London floorplan level 0

                                                                                Level 2

National Portrait Gallery London floorplan level 2

    Besides the tourists may take on hire audio-guide. This guide will let you listen all the necessary information about masterpieces on 20 languages of the world. This tour takes 2 hours. Although, various thematic excursions are available only in English. The cost of audio-guide is reasonable, only 4 £ (and 2 £ for groups more than 10 persons) for children under 12 the audio-guide is free of charge upon condition that the adult buys it for himself.

    Also it worth to be mentioned that the gallery offers to its visitors some free tours, the schedule can be found on the official web-site. Such tours can be of two types. Short mini tours devoted to only one picture and last only ten minutes and tours that take one hour and give the information about five or six pictures. Private tours are also proposed but the price may vary from 200 £.


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