London car parking

  parkingIf you plan arriving in London, whether as a visitor or as a passer-through, be aware that parking in London can be extremely challenging not only pricewise, but also in terms of finding a parking place and making the payment for your park time.

  If you arrive in London by car or pass the capital through with an overnight stop, finding one of London hotels with parking or placing you vehicle at a car parking at the edge of the city and using the public transport for getting around would probably be your best choice.

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  On-street car parking in central London is mainly available on a pay-and-display basis (buying a ticket and leaving it on the dashboard), with rates falling between £4 and £14 per hour, parking meters are common as well. Some areas have pay-by-phone parking, allows making multiple payments after creating a single account with a credit/debit card linked to it. Many streets are reserved for residential permit holders only.

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  Street parking in London on Sundays, Saturdays starting from 1:30 pm, public holidays, and overnight (6:30pm to 8:30am) is free. However, tourists attempting to drive are very unwelcome in the central part of London, and most key sites have no visitor car parks at all, so relying on free parking in London on weekends can be tricky.

  Off-street car parks can charge up to £15 an hour and £40 a day, but pre-payment is usually available, and many car parking companies offer discounts for pre-paid spaces. Additionally, private individuals rent out garages and private drives for car parking on a daily or weekly basis.

  A daily congestion charge of £11.50 will apply in a relatively small area in Central London between 7am and 6pm, Monday to Friday.

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