7 the most popular tourist’s places in London.


London Big Ben and Parliament       Today we are going to talk about top seven the most popular tourist’s places in London.

     The British museum includes human art from the first people to nowadays. You need three or four days to watch the whole exposition, because total area of building is about six ha.
                                           Explore ancient Greek art focusing on the human body
Greek art woman in the British museum Greek art human body in the British museum
                   The biggest in the world and the most famous Egypt collection is situated here.
Egypt woman in the British museum                               British museum Egypt man padiamenet
                                                 British museum Egypt woman singer
But even in such serious place you can be pleasantly surprised by awesome English humor – cats in the uniform of British museum workers. These great animals are full-fledged employees here.
    «London Eye» is the best way to see whole city at a glance. It is able to raise you up to 135 m! In the night Ferris wheel becomes marvelous light show, because of a unique system of lighting specially constructed for it.
                                   london eye view from the top
    One of the most famous parks of the world is Hyde park. This place has a really rich history that is full of political rallies and protests. Today, of cause, it is much more peaceful and becomes a place of holidays. You can visit here artificial lake shaped like snake and art gallery, or just relax on the perfect green grass.
       Hyde Park London view from the top          london hyde park lounge
    Ask somebody the first association of London the answer is going to be Big Ben. Today it is not only capital but the whole country symbol. The biggest in the world tower clock is working because of complicated mechanism that is situated at height of 55m.
Big Ben with flag                   Cleaning the clock Big Ben
   London Tower had changed a huge number of destinies for its 900 years. It was king’s residence, prison and even zoo. Today it is a museum complex with awesome architect and even ghosts. People truly believe that is able to visit here famous Ann Boleyn whose head was cut here.
           Queen in red flowers tower london           Anna Boleyn ghost Tower of London
    Buckingham Palace is open for tourists for just August and September. In queen’s residence you can visit even The Royal Mews and see, for example, golden coach. It is more than seven hundreds rooms full of amazing works of art and architect.
                              Buckingham Palace London with flowers
   Trafalgar Square was built 1843 year and is situated right in the center of the London. The 40 m. high column topped with a statue of Admiral Nelson truly will amaze you. There is a lot of fountains and pedestals around. Square is also a place for the main New Year tree of the Great Britain.
                                 Trafalgar Square London top view
   You truly will not be able to watch whole attraction of London for one week. So be confident and come here at least for a month. You totally will not be bored.