London Ambassador Theatre

London Ambassador Theatre

London Ambassador Theatre History

This theater is situated in the West End. It looks elegant and attractive, but the theater is very small – one of the smallest in this area. In general about 450 spectators can come here for a play. At the same time, London Ambassador Theater is very cozy and everyone, who plans his visit to the capital of Great Britain, includes it to the list of places of interest he is going to visit.

The theater is old enough, and as any other old theater, it has a long history, full of successful performances, years of neglect and numerous restors.

It was opened on a hot summer day in 1913. The first play that was staged in the theater was not successful and in two weeks the play was closed. The fate of “Ambassador” could be very unhappy, but lucky circumstances made it one of the most popular venues of the last century.

Talented English impresario Charles Cohan starts working here. He uses innovative kind of shows – intimate short performances that are accepted with delight by audience. From that moment the glorious era of Ambassador starts.
It was over in 1996, when its building was divided into two sections and one of them was occupied by another theater. But in three years “Ambassador” returned its premises and till now it shows the greatest plays on its stage.London Ambassador Theatre

London Ambassador Theatre Plays

A lot of different plays were staged here! Musicals, comedies, tragedies and detective stories – the variety of genres can impress even the most capricious theater lovers. There are two plays that are the main in the history of the theater as they have brought the great glory to it!

1. “The Mask of Virtue”
The idea of the play is very simple. It tells about a street woman, who meets a rich and noble man and wants to marry him. She understands that this marriage will make her noble and respected lady and that’s why she tries to deceive her loved one and tries to cover her bad reputation.

The plot is commonplace, but the play was so popular and the public begged to continue showing it. This enthusiasm was connected with the actress, who played the main part in this performance. It was young Vivien Leigh, who started her star career, acting at this theater.
London Ambassador Theatre

2. “Mousetrap”
Another “visiting card” of the theater is the play, based on the detective story of Agatha Christie. Interesting plot, complicated intrigue and so unexpected upshot – this play has everything to become the favorite one among theater lovers. It was staged in many theaters of London, but actors of “Ambassador” played so wonderfully, that people were crazy in their idea to see it on the stage of this theater. That’s why the play was staged every day during several years – no other play could boast with such a great success. Later the queen of English detective stories – Agatha Christie – gave a statuette to the staff of the theater to show how grateful she was for the talented performance, based on her play.

3. “Stomp”
London Ambassador Theatre
Of course, nowadays many interesting plays are staged here too. Till June 2016 tickets for “Stomp” are sold. This show is going to be interesting and relaxing. It looks like a party, arranged by 8 different people. They dance, play different musical instruments and even use different materials at hand and make musical instruments of them. The public can be involved to take part in the play too, but no one is forced, of course. The play lasts during 100 minutes and has no interval.

Stomp – Ambassadors Theatre – Show Trailer

These plays are just a part of great theatrical collection of London Ambassador Theatre. The other plays – modern and old, long and short, expensive and cheap – take place here daily, making spectators not just applaud or give flowers to actors, but also think and feel – as the action on the stage captures anybody’s attention.
London Ambassador Theatre

London Ambassador Theatre Opening Hours

The theater is opened daily from 10.00. Nevertheless performances can be staged only in the evening. The time of the performances must be checked by the visitor individually, as it changes sometimes. If you are going to watch “Stomp”, it is staged on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday late in the evening, at 20:00. It is also shown on Sunday at 18:00. It is possible to see it at 15:00 on Thursday, Saturday at Sunday too.
London Ambassador Theatre Seating Plan

The prices for tickets are different. Every seat in the theatre has its own price. In general coming here to watch “Stomp” will cost you from £26 to £67.

It is possible to get the tickets with great discount, because if you buy tickets in one hour before the performance in this theater, you can get them much cheaper. But you should be a lucky one to buy them, as very often the tickets to the show are sold much earlier.

To be sure, you can come in time, check the route to the theatre.

How to Get to London Ambassador Theatre
London Ambassador Theatre map

He building of the theater is situated in the western part of London. London Ambassador Theater address is West St, London WC2H 9ND. To get here, you can use subway, buses or a car.

Subway is a good kind of transport to come here as it is fast and the nearest tube station is about 5 minutes walk to the theater. If you go by underground, get off at the station “Leicester Square” and then come to the building of the theater.

It is quite fast and quite comfortable to get here by bus. Take the following numbers: 14, 19, 22, 22, 29, 38, 40, and 176. Don’t forget to get off at the bus station, called “Cambridge Circus”.

Car parks are situated not far from the theater, so it is possible to drive here, but the car parks are too busy here, so booking in advance is recommended.
London Ambassador Theatre

London Ambassador Theatre Shops and Restaurants

Visit to the theatre is a kind of relax to anyone, so after the performance many of us like to stay in a bar and have a drink or to go shopping. Many theaters have shops and cafes just in their building. It is a pity, but there’s no bar or café in the building of London Ambassador Theater, but there are many cafes and restaurants within 500 meters from it.

They are called “Subway”, “Pure”, and “E&E Grill House”, where you can have a cup of tea or coffee, a cocktail or order the full lunch for a fair price.

If you plan to go shopping after the performance – or before it, you can visit one of numerous shops situated nearby. They sell various kinds of goods – clothes, food products or souvenirs. It is recommended for ladies to visit “Poste Mistress” and get fashionable shoes and clothes. For men it is recommended to visit “The Wild Bunch” and get the bouquet of roses to his lady.
London Ambassador Theatre

Shopping near “Ambassador” is interesting and can take a long time from you. But visiting the theatre still occupies the leading place in the list of London attractions!