Apollo Theatre (Eventim Apollo)

Eventim Apollo

Before we will start, take a pencil and pass a short quiz. Write, please, three main things that are important, when you are going to visit some gig or comedy or any other kind of performance. For sure, most of people will mention the quality of the show itself, the performer and the acoustic. But you won’t enjoy the show completely, if your seat is not comfortable and the leg space is not enough there.

At Apollo Theater not only shows are of the highest grade and the building looks marvelous. There are also extremely comfortable seats and warm atmosphere all year round. So if you have an opportunity to spend your vacation in London, don’t hesitate and get your ticket to Eventim Apollo.

Apollo Theatre History

It is hard to tell that the venue had some problematic history or there were some difficult periods, when the building was ruined or demolished.

From the very beginning this theater looked modern and marvelous and cult performers and bands acted on its stage. The theater had changed its name several times, but it had never changed its beauty and popularity.

Eventim Apollo

The venue was opened in 1932 and it was called “Gaumont Palace Theater” then. It was located at Hammersmith (London). In 1962 it was renamed according to the name of the place it was situated. Thus the theater was called “Hammersmith Odeon”. Till now people call this theater “Hammersmith Oden” or just Hammy-O.

The building of the theater was designed by Robert Cromie. It was created in Art Deco style – the most fashionable style of that time era. The building looked attractive and respectable. It was built in rectangular form, with long strict lines and very symmetrical structure. The building of Hammy-O was really modern as for the first half of the former century. It was very comfy, that’s why many famous performers of those times were ready to act on its stage. Thus the people could visit gigs of Beatles (they played on the stage numerous times), the concerts of legendary band “Queen” and the shows of David Bowie.

As for the modern performers, Kylie Minogue and Robbie Williams acted there. So, the visitors of Apollo Eventim feel as a part of world music history. If you are not fond of concerts, you can visit one of comedies or dancing shows, performed by the troupe of the theater. Eventim Apollo

In 1990 the building of the theater was upgraded one more time. That very year it became Grade II listed building. It means that the building of the theater is considered as the historical and architectural heritage of the country and it can’t be rebuilt or demolished without the special permission of City Council in spite of the will of its owner.

After the reconstruction of the building in 1990 some seats were made as removable. Thus there’s the area in the theater now, where the seats can be removed and standing area of seats can be arranged. Standing tickets cost much less, so even if you are lack of money, still you can visit the show of your favorite group if you get a standing seat. That very year the theater got a new name – Apollo Eventim (as it is known now) and it was reopened with the show of Selena Gomes.

Apollo Theatre Plays

Eventim Apollo

As it was mentioned, many popular singers and musical bands act on the stage of its theater from time to time. Of course, the troupe of the theater performs some comedies and musicals too, so it is possible to attend them.

Thus, now the theater lovers can watch “Roar with Laughter”. If you get the ticket, you will have an opportunity to enjoy 90 minutes of the show. It is the comedy, it is full of fun and music and a lot of auditorium is involved during the show. It is the ideal choice for an easy evening in a pleasant company.

The other events, that are coming soon, are the show of famous comedian Doug Stanhope, “Stand Up For the Comedy School” and many others. So, get tickets and come in time! Eventim Apollo

Apollo Theatre Opening Hours

The shows are usually held in the evenings. They start at 19:00 or 20:00. You should learn in advance the date and the time of the show you plan to visit.

Booking office works from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 20:00 . So, if you have an opportunity to get the ticket in person, just come here any time you can.

The prices for shows are different, that is why it is hard to define the average price. But even if you are lack of money, you can get standing ticket for just £10.

There are some discounts for children tickets. But keep in mind that children under 14 must be supervising. Some shows are marked as adult ones, so people under 18 are prohibited to come there. Keep it in mind, while planning your visit. Eventim Apollo

How to Get to Apollo Theatre

The address of Apollo Theater is 45 Queen Caroline St, London W6 9QH, United Kingdom.

One more advantage of this theater, mentioned by most part of its visitors is good accessibility. Not far from the theater there’s Hammersmith Railway Station, so you can easily come here by tube or by train.

As for car or taxi, it is possible to get here by that kind of transport too. But many guests of the theater complain, that the car park is overcrowded, especially on the day of a big show, so it is not the best idea of getting here by car or by taxi. But try to book in advance, if you plan to use your car.

There are also bus routes you can use to get here – 9, 10, 27, 33, 72, H91, 190, 211, 295. Eventim Apollo

Apollo Theatre Shops and Restaurants

There are four bars just in the building of the theater. The prices are a little high here, so if you feel, you can’t spend too much for the drinks, you can go down the street and visit one of local pubs or bars – there are plenty of them within 5 minutes walk.

Theatre Eventim Apollo bar

There’s no special food in the bars of the theater, but you can get one big hot dog just during the interval.

Theater is not supposed for shopping, so you won’t find the stalls or gift shops just inside. But if you can’t imagine the night out without shopping, you can walk around and get some souvenirs. Visit “Universal Music” to get some new disk or “River Island Clothing” to get a new scarf or a pair of gloves.

Apollo Theatre Contacts

For the visitors, who have any questions as for the time of the show or the prices for tickets, the contacts are here:

Telephone: 020-8563 3800

Email: info@eventimapollo.com

You are welcome to Apollo Eventim!