Beautiful hotels in a heart of London with breathtaking views

They say ‘There is no better place like home’. To find a right place where the one can have fun, enjoy the time, relax and feel like home is kind of important. The right choice of place to stay means pretty much how you will enjoy your time. Here is a list of several nice variants you can pick while planning your stay in London.

Hilton Tower Bridge


This modern hotel has got a prime sightseeing location: situated in the heart of London, within walking distance to all historical places and tourists most popular attractions. Hilton Tower Bridge has got several benefits and breathtaking view is one of them. On the ninth floor there is a beautiful lounge area with outdoor balcony and outdoor furniture: pretty high tables and chairs, where the one can sit and enjoy an amazing view of sunset or just relax during the day and oversee the capital. Also there is a nice dining area with comfortable sits and couches, which make it possible to have breakfast and observe all the morning beauty of London. All the services of London business center and a spectacular view are here in Hilton Tower Bridge hotel.

Explore heights of ME in London


Find exquisite design, stylish and cozy rooms that are overlooking the Thames river and other London’s most ancient landmarks in Me London leisure hotel, situated in the center of London. It is quite famous for its fantastic rooftop terrace and panoramic views over the London`s skyline. The rattan outdoor furniture of the terrace consists of tables surrounded by comfortable couches with plush blankets, also when the weather gives you a chill you can warm up with the help of patio heaters and of course a nice warming cocktail. A lot of interesting young people can be seen at this popular place but the best time to visit it depends also on your purpose: afternoon is the great time if you are after cold prosecco or the day time beauty of the capital. Evenings are perfect for those who care about nice live music, romantic atmosphere and magic of the night sky.

Enjoy tranquility with the whole city at your feet: Shangri-La Hotel


Shangli-La Hotel is definitely the place where you should have your eye on. The hotel is using floors from 34 to 52 of the tallest building of United Kingdom. All windows in this building are floor-to ceiling windows. The city view is just stunning, it feels like you are in the middle of busy, overloaded city, but you feel only quietness and calmness around you. Something extraordinary and inspiring is hidden in this panorama, you just want to capture the moment and live it again and again. Shangli-La Hotel has the highest bar in London called GŎNG with unbelievable views. The great place to have a romantic evening with your other half and enjoy the sunset. Another benefit and a great attraction of the hotel is luxury sky pool surrounded by panoramic view. The infinity pool is on the 52 level and is an amazing addition not only to this particular hotel but also to the whole nightlife scene of London.