Aroma decor in London`s hotels

Can you use a fragrance as an effective stuff of branding hotels? The well-known fact that the aroma affects our senses proves, it is possible. You feel the flavor of your favorite perfume, the smell of freshly baked bread from supermarket, or essential oils for the SPA and start feeling certain emotions. Subconsciously we “keep” all fragrances in our mind. Smells and aromas are connected with our good or bad reminiscences. The aroma is how we perceive the environment. It is favorable or probably dangerous? The receptors of the human body, immediately respond to this question: the flavor prompts. Our brains get the signal faster than we start thinking about something. The investigations show that 75% of our emotion, and, hence our actions are under the influence of aromas.

Being aware of these fantastic possibilities of a human’s mind, hoteliers use them in a very smart way? They use aroma décor for their hotels – wonderful Baobab scented candles with Century Wood – Jasmin, Black Pearls, Cuir de Russie fragrances. The best hotels buy special huge aroma candles of Herve Gambes brand with – Couture Flower Fuchsia Rose, Terre D’epices, Vert Tubereuse, Bois de Cashmere and other elite aromas. The famous Landmark hotel in London picks Yankee Candle scented candles (you can find all scents here) in large glass tubes. This brand is famous for its floral Lovely Kiku fragraces, Cinnamon, Fluffy towel aromas, Libnen and the other smells connected in our mind with something very pleasant – home, romantic first date, flowers, given to your beloved woman, the smell of mom’s pancakes, etc. These aromas are created to arise in hotels’ visitors the feeling of home. They like staying in these hotels and want to come there back again.

Many elite London hotels use all the power of aroma. In particular, some hotels do their best to promote their brand through a pleasant and effective fragrances. The Landmark hotel in London is filled in with fragrances evoking childhood memories and positive emotions: croissants aroma from the bakery of the hotel, white tea and thyme and others. London hoteliers want to make their guests feeling like being at home, remembering the happy moments and get some new unforgettable experience.

Soho House hotels use scents of eucalyptus, sage and nutmeg to help visitor feeling relaxed. The company also adds bergamot to improve your mood and cope with depression. Coriander in some scented candle acts as an anesthetic. Coriander aroma sends signals to the human muscles, and the body begins to feel more comfortable. Langham hotel has the aroma of figs and lilies. The aim is to increase the time of the guest’s staying there. Guests who travel a lot and stay in different places, returning to the Langham Hotel and feeling familiar aroma, feel like being home again. Aroma figs and Lily fragrance was chosen as the most vivid and memorable, but not intrusive. The Barts Square in East London uses the aroma of citrus and green tea. These refreshing subtle and elegant aromas emphasize the uniqueness of the hotel brand. Scented candles lit in the complex, create a sense of delight and comfort.